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Includes short interviews with Every Day Inspirational Women, Trailblazers & Mothers who have walked with us #PIW of Portsmouth 2019 Awards #whoinspiresyou? More info on / Instagram PamodziDanceAfrica / Facebook & Twitter

July 11, 2020

Episode 2.28 Inspirational Women of Portsmouth:  Diane Urquhart

I am almost privileged that I had that opportunity to understand a part of a mental ill health  episode . Its very easy for people to see their view of it and its that you’re just a mum not coping….and I’ve learnt a lot and even now  its very easy for people to label you’  Diane Urquhart is the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth: Volunteers Award Recipient for the broad range of work she does with Portsmouth Family church. In this episode she talks about  self care, learning from others and overcoming mental health. 23.png

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